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Posted by roadsong ( on January 26, 2014 at 19:43:29:

Tomorrow my 23 year honor student at Northern Arizona University plea bargains guilty to DUI (alcohol). The charge? Admitting to smoking pot the night before driving.

No field sobriety test. Not pulled over for any driving mistakes. Front passenger flicked cigarette out and landed on squad car behind. She insisted on driving as she doesn't drink, everyone else had, and she's *always* the designated driver.

City of Scottsdale dismissed case, twice. "Prick" (per our attorney) city prosecuting attorney brings it back. Seems he doesn't want that feather pulled from his cap.

The irony here is that my daughter does not drink. Raised with knowledge that people die from alcohol but don't die from smoking pot. Mom (me) bought her, her first bag.

Drained my retirement account to fight this and now we're done.

Choice: two day ( ! ) trial this Thursday & Friday on two charges: A-1 pot "impaired with slightest degree"and A-3 "Metabolite in system".

A-1 not field sobriety test nor reason to pull her over.

A-3 guilty. Urine test shows metabolites in her system but no amount, nor how long ago inhaled.

A-3 is a mandatory one year loosing license. Allow me to brag: My honor student has signed an employment contract with a top ten contractor in the US. Salary: $57,000. Every insurance known to man. $900 monthly car allowance. All moving expenses covered and a guaranteed 5% yearly raise. This would f*$k it all up. is acceptable to the "court" that she lies in front of a judge and lies: I drove drunk.

The penalty of driving with metabolite in her system is harsher than driving one-eyed shit blasted drunk.

All this shit while the two states that just legalized pot get together for a "super BOWL".

Thank you for reading this. I have to get this off my chest. This goes against who we are as a family and our core belief system. I am entering a stage of depression I have never experienced before.

Je*us even the President of the United States smoked pot in his youth (and hopefully does now, he deservesit). There are even pictures online!

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