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Posted by Tarandfeathered ( on January 21, 2015 at 07:55:52:

In Reply to: as much as I told myself and asserted about being indifferent... posted by livin' on January 20, 2015 at 13:16:54:

The Black Crowes broke up in 1996.

The problems that caused that were only magnified from then on and this has been coming for some time. And rightfully so. Just stay broken up! Don't come back! That's when it will be sad.

Say what you will about Rich, but he has been left to clean up the mess more than once. It was childish to call out Chris, but no-one has ever really called him out, except John Popper and Chris s response was basically I'm better than you and your fat. Chris probably deserved being called out and being around him that long, it probably felt good to Rich and Steve.

Chris has responded. He gave the first interview, but his real response will be playing hard to handle every night as a fuck you, I can play this without you. Nothing he can say will make it better or make him look better.

2013 , while musically fine, was a joke, and so would this tour. The problem, according to Chris is that no one wanted to record and tour, just play hits and make money. He gets it he played the game he says. Yet everyone has been in the studio and touring, so May be it was no one wanted to do it Chris's way. And Chris always showed up, put on his uniform and took the money.

If there was anything left of the band, one would imagine they could record a couple songs and do some small tours instead of 150 shows. I don't blame Chris for not wanting to tour into the ground so lots of people make lots of money, but it seems being in the band, part of a band, contrary to what he says about his new band, wasn't of interest to him.

We could all go on and on about it or who's fault what was. But it's over and been over for a long time. Just don't come back. Robert plant isn't doing zepplin, don't do the crowes. If whoever they could get together this year or next wanted to play it would just be a greatest hits tour for money. If you want to get Marc and Ed back and record, great. If not stay gone!

: ... the warden saw right through me from the time I read the announcement. It did mean a little bit of something.

: I admitted it when finding myself watching the Who Killed That Bird movie over the weekend. As much as it was nostalgic, it was also a slap back into reality as there were of course loads of professions from Chris which are perhaps some of the best to contrast against his future actions.

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