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Posted by joop ( on January 22, 2015 at 03:36:03:

With Chris having yet to put out a statement...

Rich isn't the dick in the band anymore.

Steve is still the guy who we thought he was. (The Bears are who we thought they were)

Marc looks like a saint as this has been brewing forever and he said fuck it...I'll try it one more time for the music.

Chris however looks like the unhinged rock star.

I appreciate that this is their career, money, business..families/children to feed...the problem is the idealism the whole thing was built around.

I would totally respect Chris if he came out and said, music isn't what I thought. I don't believe in it anymore. When I said " The music knows man"...I was 25. Now I see I was just a hopeless romantic.

Now I see it's like a 9-5, it's a product, a business and as cofounder I finally came to me senses and want to be corporate about it because it's not just music, it's not just business but it's both. That's why it's called music business.

That however would destroy their legacy. Someday a young band will come along and use Who Killed That Bird documentary as a sort of guideline. And thank the gods of rock and roll for that.

Youth...it's a beautiful, naive thing.

Even the Dead has inner issues. The difference bt the Crowes and the Dead or the Stones to a lesser degree, is the Crowes never quite created that following, that incentive to stay on the road. There were peaks and valleys... but as Steve alluded to, the band could almost keep up with them on one hand and say hello. They played some small venues.

Bands like Phish or the Dead, they had the incentive but they couldn't even keep track of the die hards like the Crowes could.

Having followed the Dead, Phish, Further, etc...I had always hoped for a scene to pop up..a "lot" before the show where you could buy pearl button western shirts as opposed to tie dye... Little Feat being jammed in lot cars as opposed to Bob Marley.

But they were never that big...( w the caveat of the 90s but no fully formed scene.)

I am meandering but my original point was the current optics are strange given at one point, we all thought the ironically named Rich was the dick, that Chris was just chill and wanted Marc back but Rich was such a douche...to now, Rich goes against his brother in defense of Steve.

...and Chris, at the end of the day, hasn't spoken directly, and I feel he owes that and I have no idea why he hasn't... other than the recent remarks by Rich and Steve make it seem as if some legal things are pending, but yet they have spoken.

Hmm. I'm not holding my breath, but come on Chris. You're not really known for being shy.

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