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Posted by R. Griswold ( on June 12, 2018 at 10:11:03:

In Reply to: What...Is...This... posted by Jose on April 28, 2018 at 12:14:59:

Seriously, what happened to that guy? It's like he's two different people:

1990-1997 - Ran his mouth, but no one cared because almost every single thing they did, they cared about, so it kicked ass on the back side.

1998-2013 - Always an element of an agenda, yet still running his mouth, changing what he says whichever way the wind blows. I used to blame both Chris and Rich for putting the money first, but after all of this embarrassing stuff from Chris in recent years, I am convinced it was mostly Chris who had a boner for chasing the money, which explains his apparent acceptance of channeling his inner Liza Minelli in 1999. That's where it started. Liza Minelli on acid.

I am not going to get into the incredible disappointment from the back end of 2006-2013, as I only saw them a grand total of 2 times in that period, because it didn't justify anything more than that, if even that. I think they meant well, but you could tell they were still searching. I just had no idea Chris was so jealous of Marc. I realize this is my opinion, but I never put that part together. I remember walking away in 2010 and just shaking my head at how much of an underachievement their careers have been over the past 10 years up to that point and now Contradiciton Chris is on You Tube acting like a moron. All because of ego and former fame at a young age. We;ve seen that before and Chris is absolutely no exception, which is why it's so disappointing and hard to admit.

What I am shocked about is the casual fan's interest in a 15 show, half baked cash grab tour and these supposed diehard fans playing into it and acting like seeing Chris on stage is all that matters. The setlists were horrendous and Audley still is a mystery with how unimpactful his presence is as a guitar player. It's just comical.

Anyway it's clear to see who cares at this point and who doesn't.

But, I don't think the Pie would work without Marc, just like the reunion never would have worked momentum-wise for as long as it did. The guy simple changes how music can sound.

It goes to show you, some casual fans or even diehards, see Chris as the symbolic backdrop of the Black Crowes. I am the opposite, as we all know. Rich/Marc have made up more their sound than Chris's voice. It's always been that way and is why I cared in the first place. But, Chris will never channel his '92-'97 level of caring about the art. His CRB material is horrendous as well. It's just bizarre that he has any kind of success with so many releases, with so little to like. But, that's how it was in the studio the last 20 years for Chris anyway. The lyrics were always weak or just bizarre. It makes me laugh at these old hippies who follow that band around acting like it's something to behold, with Oven Mitts taking a steaming dump on anything that would even remotely appear to have a chance at being good, too. 20-25 years ago, CR would have mocked Oven Mitts and half baked musicians, and now he settles. Sure sounds like it too.

Anyway, what a relief The Pie is. A bit of Rich, a bit of Marc, and a great supporting cast. I keep asking colleagues and friends to point me to another legit rock band that can bring all of this and more, and they rattle of boring bands like the Foo Fighters and an aging and boring Pearl Jam. Meh. That's 10-15 years too late.

I am talking now. They're the only band that has some excitement in the rock world that I can track down, even thought I go see other bands and have for years.

Rich and Marc are plainly still the best. Hands down. That kinship is inexplicable and you either immediately hear it and get it, or you don't.

This is where it's at. I still have no idea how they don't get more hype in the press or on social media these days. Best shows I've seen since the golden years lineup or the reunion, hands down. And, in some ways it's better because Hogg isn't struggling vocally to sing.

Chris can flake away in hippie land knowing he can't sing like he used to, which is the main reason why he wanted more money, IMO. He sees singing those tougher songs in the upper register as a job when it shouldn't be.

I haven't seen any Crowes related band member breeze through a show with such ease and effortlessness since the reunion shows, once they got those cranking in mid 2005.

Very refreshing and long overdue.

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