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Posted by R. Griswold ( on August 21, 2018 at 09:24:53:

In Reply to: Re: It's Ford (in the studio w/Rich). posted by south of Springfield on August 18, 2018 at 05:38:01:

And, I think it's a good thing in order fortify their sound/direction, which is Crowes-based, but with some English styling put into it from Hogg. So, the sounds is tweaked, which is what they did so well from '92-'97. Sure, it turned off some meat and potatoes Crowes fans, am I assuming the ones who just jumped up and down for those awkward As the Crow Flies shows, but whatever. People like what they like. That stuff is really pathetic from Chris as an adult at this point.

I get it. I've always gotten it and this is how it should have been in 2005/2006, but Chris clearly wasn't respecting Marc's songwriting talents. And, for someone who can't write a song with a catchy, unique melody anymore, a regular chorus, a bridge, with cohesive musicianship, like CRB, it makes me laugh.

Anyway, not to focus on that, even if hard to avoid talking about, I think it's cool that Rich/Marc took this and ran with it, because it was not there for me from 1999-2010 with all their disjointed studio work. Warpaint was awful for a comeback record. There's like 3 or 4 good songs on it and the rest is recycled filler for me.

Before the Frost was better for sure, but it was missing stuff mainly because Cr and RR were not writing songs in the same vein, and Marc was still not there, so it suffered in the area. Throw in generic lead players and awful MacDougall with no Ed, and I think some of us just weren't into it.

I do agree, it's somewhat surprising there is not 1 song on there where it was a Rich/Marc penned tune. Not a huge deal, but I was expecting some of that or songs maybe each had years ago, where they maybe set it aside, when this time came.

But, you can sort of tell, this is all freshly written stuff. Maybe that's wrong, but that's how it feels, which is cool, because two albums so fast, is a lot of material, and these albums may end up complimenting one another very well when the smoke clears.

As for Mary the Gypsy, it's ok, but it really doesn't work for me as the weakest song on the album.

Walk on Water, yes, nice song in that Petty/Harrison vein.

As far as Fordian Fordoramas (facemelters), maybe it shows up more on High Water II?

I can say, I just listened to that SC show from the 18th and they sound really, really good so far. Definitely some room to jam on these, in particular, Open Up.

Not to knock CR more, but his ego is nto allowing him to admit he can't sing in the upper register every night anymore, which IMO, is the real reason for him not wanting to be in the Crowes. He knows it.

It's too much, he can't admit it. so he wants more money to treat it more like a job for him to even think about doing it.

Yes, this is speculation, but whatever. When you mention how much it took to get up to do Zeppelin songs, every night in 2000, and then hint at this being s reason why you want to write awkward songs that old hippies tell you are great in CRB, it's pretty telling.

Hogg's vocals, meanwhile, cut right through nicely.

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