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Posted by R. Griswold ( on September 26, 2018 at 06:38:01:

In Reply to: Griswold . . . posted by V.S. on September 25, 2018 at 12:32:49:

Oh yeah. We got in there right as they were coming on so I didn't have any time to really flag down Hagar or see who else may be there....What is with the 8:25 start and swift ending in there?

That venue must have changed management because it was nothing like that 2 years ago when I saw the two NYE Mofro shows.

The security was also ridiculous on the way in with the wands and over the top search/pat downs. Get a life, people. Anyway, yes, I was there with Jeremy (mostly lurker now, but posted here as such on and off back in the day).

Some great moments for me at the show. I was speaking with my sister last night and she asked how it was wondering why I drove 6 hours for a show that isn't the Crowes, and I just said "you know, it's just nice to have them do an album, do a tour, and you can walk into a show like the old days, or how normal bands operate, and have it be a more organic, natural feel, where there is no real thinking or angle they're trying to push to sell something..."

I have not had that feeling since 2005/2006. Sorry, but it's true for me. You can tell when it's genuine and you can tell when CR is more concerned about other thing$ first.

Hate to say that, but 98-01 was like that for me and then it happened again for '-08-'13.

I quit in 2010 after those acoustic 1st set shows, and kind of walked out just shaking my head at how much they've underachieved for how long.

It wasn't bad, it just wasn't all it could be. Just my opinion.

Loved the acoustic segment and nice to hear the album songs for the first time. Iíve never seen Ford use so much whammy on that Gretsch Falcon like that, but he was using that liberally on High Water out of the gate. Trippy jam on that one, where you could kind of guess live versions would go off into that Nick Drake world a bit.

That mist green/grey Strat is beautiful that Ford has, and nice yo see that Les Paul in Ď07 make its way out on stage, too. Like his gold Asher, but it's cool to seem him work on the old trusty regular guitars.

Still donít like Mary the Gypsy. We looked at one another and scooted back for some drinks. No biggie, just think it's a pretty weak song for their songwriting level.

Good show, though. Litmus test is if you leave the show and want to immediately see another. If I could have hit SC the next night on the way back up, I would have, but I had other plans in Atl.

I would not mind if they pared back maybe 1-2 Magpie offerings and instead dropped in some rare Crowes like they were doing last year. I know some are sensitive to this, but I don't think it's a big deal, alonsgside maybe playing a but longer than 2 hours, too. Just an idea. I realize this is a "new direction", but it shouldn't hurt to maybe throw one more, maybe an unreleased track that ties into this material, and go from there.

Halfway was cool and Morning Song rocked, but bummed with no encore and time constraints. Seeing Things was a crowd pleaser, as was Oh Sweet Nuthin'.

And that Big Time was the shit. Shocked me early in the set and Rich does a nice job on the vocals. Disagree with him taking the outro. That has Ford written all over it and always has. Small complaint there.

No one touches his tone. Absolutely no one. To this day, I just get giddy over his playing, the patience, approach off of Rich, etc.

Such tasteful playing. And, he's always morphing in and out with how he approaches the older songs, too.

Very, very cool with these mini acoustic sets, too. The harmonies on You Don't Have To Cry are great.

IMO, it doesn't matter what your reaction is to the new material as i am sure some pine for CR's vocals or whatever, but I am not feeling that at this point. If it was awkward or didn't work, I'd certainly just say it, but it does.

And the fact you have another album to look forward to see how it pairs with High Water I? I mean, this how it always should have been.

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