2005 Crowes sessions with Marc?

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Posted by Maestro ( on April 11, 2019 at 13:30:04:

Pardon me if this has been covered but I recently found out about and obtained a set of what seem to be Crowes songs, the collection of which was titled "Dying From The Cure," the title of which comes from a lyric in one of the songs. Supposedly these are from 2005; one of the songs is one they started playing live in '05 but well into '06, long past when Marc left (again). Here are the six titles:

It Takes One To Know One
Nobody Rides For Free
Right Where You Want Me
Show Me What You Can Do
Soft As A Lullaby
Spaces In Between

None of them show up in Chris' BMI publishing library; I've only listened once so far, and while none have any leads that jumped out as pure Fordian, the songs do seem to have a feel for that era (except for one that sounds extremely CRB-like, both musically and lyrically).

I know they supposedly had a bunch of songs going into Warpaint that they discarded in favor of starting from scratch. Maybe these are demos of said songs?

I know they recorded "Back-Door Santa" sometime in November of '05 with Drakoulius (sp?) producing, and while that was spun as a one-off, I did find it interesting that when I open the "song details" of BDS (offered as a free download on crowes.com) in my iTunes library, it shows it as track 7 of 12. Which could have just been a plant to fuck with people, but it intrigued me at the time and still does.

I've tried in vain to find out anything about these songs or sessions but can't find a thing. The one the did play live a dozen times or so is in crowesbase, but none of the others are.

Any thoughts/insights/info/opinions/insults would be quite welcome...

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