TBC Inc vs Side Projects..

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Posted by R. Griswold ( on November 06, 2019 at 10:35:33:

In Reply to: Re: It's Shapiro. (nm) posted by joop on November 06, 2019 at 07:44:13:

Very much so...The best stuff I've seen since the reunion was maybe a Rich solo show or two, which were ok, but the small places he played were cool.

After that, hands down Ford's solo show in October of 2014. The best solo show I've seen from him and arguably his most complete and mature album. I listen to Holy Ghost regularly, usually as a Sunday morning option. Really good album.

The guys from Phantom Limb did a nice job with his material and complimenting his style, along with how the songs were arranged live. Elijah, too. Good stuff there.

And then, Magpie, even with some disappointment with overall song quality and Marc impact in the writing process with Rich, hands down, TMS was the closest real thing to the 2005 reunion and its somewhat genuinely committed project I've experienced. It had a Mad Dogs vibe to it in 2017 and then sort of lost steam. It's just the general state of people not being all that interest in rock music today, IMO, as compared to years past. It's almost like Gen X grew up and the next generation isn't as interested, so I think that played a part with the sustainability, which sucks.

What this crap will be with Chris and Rich will be a 180 from that, for me anyway. No way I am paying $75 to Live Nation to watch them fake it through like I've seen one too many times in the past, knowing what it's for. No way.

I go see live music to escape, have fun and hopefully get that feeling that is supposed to be there.

This TBC Inc bullshit is 100% the opposite of what attracted to me to that band in the 1990s in the first place.

I don't think fans should know that they're supporting a couple of millionaires who blow through all their money all the time and act like little kids, using an awkward concert as a way to sustain a lifestyle.

I still maintain CR's true feelings about being in the band is he sees it as a job AND he knows he's going to struggle night after night with the higher register vocals.

If it's true there is a warm up show of sorts at the Troubadour, I would imagine they don't want outsiders to see what it looks like. The hiding of who is in the band is telling, too.

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