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Posted by R. Griswold ( on November 11, 2019 at 21:28:50:

In Reply to: They actually found a good band posted by Cll on November 11, 2019 at 21:06:53:

I think if they had a good band, theyíd let them play and not bury them in the shadows with such boring setlists like they will be doing. I am still trying to figure out who the market is for this shit.

How do you know this is a good band, though? I think youíd need to see/hear them play a couple dozen shows before being able to hear/see that.

And yes, what a blast from the past. Welcome back! There really hasnít been much to post about with this band in almost 15 years, but I am not understanding how this is a good band when no one has heard it yet other than drunk homer fans i NYC at the Bowery who think they are doing something trendy after some super awkward stern interview, wanting to make it seem like it is something special. Honestly, who are these people? New fans? It is honestly just depressing to see them stoop so low and insult the fans with this.

Unless there is some secret young fanbase all hungry for this, I donít see it doing very well.

I watched the Seeing Things clip and had to shut it down it was so bad with CR out of breath, unable to even sustain a note. Look at the over-singing as he tries to cover for it. I didnít see any other clips and not sure I need to.

They really, really love money. Thatís really it. The disingenuousness is also insulting to all the fans from yesteryear.

They seem to think alienating people is a good business move.

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