Not going to discount it totally

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Posted by joop ( on February 06, 2021 at 22:16:16:

In Reply to: 30 Days in the Hole (another one from SYMM) posted by joop on February 05, 2021 at 13:19:31:

Context is important. It's not horrible, but you can see why it was ultimately left off.

Charming Mess imo is the strongest of the 3 outtakes, and if I understand correctly was only left off out of fear of being sued possibly...likely a mixture of that plus they just didn't want to be called rip off artists maybe. Who knows, but indeed my fav B side from the era.

What's strange to me, going off my hazy memory of 1990, Chris always shirked the Humble Pie comparisons, and other comparisons likewise, I get that, why he would be defensive when...a know-nothing journalist doesn't look for the unique story but wants to focus on what it reminds him/her of...the lazy route of writing about the new most rock and roll, rock and roll band.

Then it turns out, they literally did a Humble Pie song! Very interesting insight for me personally. All in all SYMM is an amazing body of work in total, in the proper context. The album, the outtakes... it had youthful energy, first shot at doing rock and roll proper after really being more of an REM band, doing it in 1990, in that environment, unapologetically. It was an undeniable force when it came out.

Comparing this to their other albums isn't what is important, as much as comparing it to the sound they were creating amidst all other music happening at the time. AND as being the new kid in town.

Its hard for me to pull out SYMM for a listen when I have the Ford era Crowes to listen to, but damn if I don't appreciate it for what it was at the time.

I think I would go to see one of these rehash shows, if they had the original line-up as in, Jeff Cease. That includes Johnny as well. That would be interesting to me. I never saw them in 90 w Cease as I was too young, but I was heavy into them already. Ultimately I want the "real" lineup, but likely never happen.

My main point is, this album is simple, but its what started this journey for me. Hearing Charming Mess reminds me of the feeling I had w the other songs when they were new.

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