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Posted by RoyHobbes ( on September 24, 2017 at 11:47:29:

In Reply to: Magpie Salute posted by painted8 on September 12, 2017 at 11:26:19:

I'm happy. Was lucky enough to catch them on their first NYC run, and what I've been hearing on the tapes and seeing in the setlists is a steady, tangible improvement after starting in a fine place. They really do justice to the songs. I give a ton of credit to John Hogg and Joe Magistro, filling very prominent roles their own way while never straying too far from what the original drummer & singer did. These songs are being treated with the utmost respect, and god damnit, somebody should be out there playing them if CR is going to insist on recreating the Grateful Dead's Arista years and largely ignoring his life's work.

The album is great in a way that I wasn't expecting - for one, that is one killer version of Wiser Time! The revamped What is Home is also a big highlight, and the new original "Omission" shows a lot of promise. I'm hoping they continue to forge ahead on a new path while feeding us longtime fans the red meat we crave so much. I give them a lot of credit for playing stuff that spans across the catalogue, even high points from the late-90s/early aughts albums that weren't as well-liked as a whole.

Honestly, not entirely different from the course & tone TBC set forth on in late 2005ish.

: So .net happy with the Magpie Salute, right? We have traditionally been the hardest to please when it comes to all things Crowes.

: I'm very happy with it. I would certainly have "traded" Luther/Chris "Old Timey Western lyrics" Robinson/Adam McD for Marc Fucking Ford/John Hogg/Old Weird Ed every day of the week. Now having heard Hogg sing Crowes songs, I don't think it's much of a step down from CR. I think he's a better live vocalist than Chris is now.

: I am still really bummed that Ed didn't live on to be a part of this, because he really deserved at least one last chance to experience the love that MS fans have been showering Marc with. At least we've got his beautiful playing on the MS album.

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