Thoughts on the book? (Spoilers)

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Posted by Bitter, Bitter Me ( on September 30, 2019 at 06:45:00:

I finished it in basically two sittings. Great read, really well done. A few thoughts:

1. Holy shit, chapter 38 crushed me. I cannot believe we could have gotten a studio album with some Page involvement probably right when the band needed it most. I was absolutely gutted for Steve and Page when I read that part. That was the low tide for Rich in this book for me. I am still bewildered and angry about it days later.

2. Seems like Chris has some serious mental/emotional issues besides narcissism. I feel like Steve was kind of hinting at it, maybe he's manic-depressive. Obviously the booze and drugs didn't help his personality, but I felt like Steve was framing it in a way at times that indicated that he thought Chris was more than a drug-addled asshole.

3. Pete comes out looking great here. As Steve portrays him, he was the only thing keeping shit together throughout the years. I came away with a very hearty respect for him after reading the book.

4. Related: There is no way that a CR/RR reunion without Pete could possibly last more than a handful of months, if it ever got off the ground. It doesn't seem like either of those egomaniacs have an idea of how to run a tour (or even a working band in many aspects). They need to be artists and brothers and let someone that they both respect, however grudgingly, to run the business and non-musical side, including producing if it ever comes to that. However, it seems like especially for Chris, he's probably at the point in his career where he feels like he still has it figured all out, despite all evidence to the contrary.

5. This has got to be the definitive book/story/history of The Black Crowes, right? It's not like Chris or Rich are going to be able to put together a cogent narrative about the band and get paid for it. I don't think either of them have it in them, for various reasons.

6. After reading about all of the acrimony and bullshit both brothers created, it's amazing that we got what we did from that band.

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