I saw them in Jersey last Friday...

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Posted by skin ( on August 14, 2013 at 15:53:00:

In Reply to: Saw the Crowes last night posted by painted8 on August 14, 2013 at 07:53:31:

And couldn't have had a more different experience. I've been seeing this band live for 21 years and I thought they put on a hell of a show last week. They played with an energy and enthusiasm I hadn't seen since, well, when I saw them in NYC in April ;-)

I would have liked some more jamming in the set but overall it worked. I love Jackie in this band even if he's not the best lead guitarist they've ever had. He does a really good job and at this point I think chemistry is more important in this band than shredding. Dude can play and he's only gotten better since March.

I have to admit that I dig Adam. He is ooouuuttt there and really funky and I like what he's brought to the band. Wiser is a different song now than it was years ago and good for them that they've changed it up. It got a little too out there for me in 09-10 and even though it's still a jazzier take on the tune it's more focused now, I think. I love it when Adam brings the weirdness. He is one helluva player.

The crowd was fantasitc on Friday too. We were giving and so was the band. The inside of the shed was almost full and the lawn had a good amount of people too. The crowd was UP the entire show and the band fed off of that. I've seen a ton of shows and there have been some lame crowds (even at incredible shows) but everyone was digging it in Jersey. Fan and band energy was undeniable.

99 lbs was cool. 21 years and still get a new tune. I loved Wiser. No matter what they do with the middle jam that song is just pure Crowes and it showcases everyone. Chris sounded great on Virtue and Vice. I can't believe how great he sounds given what his voice was like from 2005-10. Sunflower had everyone bouncing! Love Jackie on this one. Thorn brought the house down. I've heard it countless times and it's still great; that's how good of a song it is. If I was in a band and got the reaction from a song that TBC get from rocking this one I'd play it every night too. Holy shit the crowd was nuts. And then H2H and Hush were more of the same. I can't believe how crazy the crowd went when they started with the na na na na na's. They ended and the place was begging for more. Encores were fun. Lovelight gets me going every time!

I'm taking the wife to Burlington on Saturday and going to visit my old college stomping grounds of Plattsburgh, NY on the way (where we had a weird but cool show in 1996). Also going to hit Cooperstown in Sept. I've logged a lot of Black Crowe miles over the years and there's more to come.

As I get older I think I appreciate the songs more and exactly how much this band has accomplished. Lineup changes, management drama, setlists, etc. aside, these guys have been making and playing great music for well over 20 years and still touring with enthusiasm. The majority of bands out there will never write a song as good or as popular as She Talks to Angels or many other TBC songs. That's fuckin' impressive. I'm glad they're still touring and I can't wait for the next show.

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